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Holton Mountain Rentals has the best selection of Apartments, Condos, Duplexes & Houses in the high country. Our Fall Availability Page lists all units available for Fall 2024, this page will be updated as properties are rented or become available. If a property you are interested in is not listed on the Fall Availability Page, it is not available. If you are interested in leasing one of the properties listed on our Fall Availability Page please click on the “Submit 2024-2025 Leasing Form button below to start the application process. The Leasing process is totally digital, each leasing Group will complete an Leasing Form the property their interested in listed. Before starting the leasing process make sure you carefully read all the information provided below under Leasing Information.

Please click on the “Submit 2024-2025 leasing Form” button below to start the application process (Limit 1 leasing Form per Group). Only apply for a property if you are Ready, Willing & Able to accept the property and sign a lease on it. If HMR offers you a property you will need to make a decision immediately, properties will not be held while you make a decision.

Immediately Available Units

Our Immediately Available Page lists all the units immediately available, this page is updated as properties are rented or become available. If a property you are interested in is not listed on the Immediately Available Page it is not available. If you are interested in submitting an application to lease one of the properties listed on our Immediately Available Page please call our office to inquire. Do not submit a Leasing Form without calling our office first.

Leasing Information

  • Leasing Forms & Qualifying Applications must be filled out by the Applicants, not a parent or other individual.
  • Holton Mountain Rentals DOES NOT Roommate match.
  • To rent any of our units you must be a Sophomore or above for the 2024-2025 school year.
  • To rent one of our student-friendly houses and some of the Duplexes & Townhomes – All roommates must be at least a junior/senior for the 2024-2025 school year. Kensington Meadows Duplexes are available to rising Sophomores.
  • “Town & Country” properties are reserved for working adults & families. They are not available to undergrads. (The words Town & Country will be displayed beside all choices with this designation on the pre-lease form.)
  • Please keep in mind any Co-ed groups at Kensington Meadows will be a on joint lease contract instead of Individual Lease Contracts.
  • Number of Occupants per Unit: Studio = 1 Person, 1 Bedroom = 1 or 2 People, 2 Bedroom = 2 or 3 People (Valleyview Duplex –  4 People), 3 Bedroom = 3 or 4 People, 4 Bedroom = 4 People
  • A leasing group is made up of 1 – 4 people. You and your roommates for August 2024 will form a leasing group and will fill out ONE Leasing Form together. One group member will complete the Leasing Form on our website by entering each roommates Name & Contact Info and listing the groups property choice. Each roommate will receive a link to the Individual Qualifying Application via email after the Leasing Form is submitted. In order to complete the Leasing process EACH roommate must complete their individual digital qualifying application and pay their application fee online.
  • All group members’ information must be filled out on the digital Leasing form.
  • Leasing Groups will be assigned to units in time & date order. Your group will be given an official time & date when we receive all the qualifying applications for your group.
  • Each Applicant can only be involved in one Leasing group at a time. The newest Leasing Form with that applicant will be honored and any preceding Pre-Lease Forms will be voided.
  • New applicants must fill out a Qualifying application, and pay a $75 application fee online.
  • Current HMR tenants (Transfers) will need to fill out the Qualifying application and pay a $50 transfer application fee online.
  • The application fee is NON-REFUNDABLE if a choice on your Leasing form is offered to you and you choose not to accept it.
  • However, if we are unable to provide you with your choice on your Leasing form (or suggest alternatives acceptable to you) we will refund your application fee. 
  • Holton Mountain Rentals will assign units during office hours on a first come first serve basis.
  • If HMR offers you one of your choices, you must make a decision to accept or decline the unit within 8 hours. At the point you are offered a unit, you will be removed from the waitlists for your remaining choices. 

As a courtesy to our current tenants, we do not show our properties unless we have an empty unit. We hope the pictures/floor plans on our web site will help in your decision-making. We encourage you to drive/walk by the properties you are interested in; however, we must ask that you not disturb the residents.