Tenant Move-In Inspection Form

Holton Mountain Rentals (HMR) requests that all tenants do a self-inspection of their dwelling unit within four (4) days of taking procession of their dwelling unit. The Tenant Inspection & Inventory Form should only list Imperfect Items. Any Maintenance Items should be submitted as a Maintenance Request through your AppFolio portal.

The Tenant Move-in Inspection Form should list any issues with the condition of the dwelling unit, fixtures, appliances, furnishings or equipment provided. Tenant is responsible for any damage that occurs to the dwelling unit, fixtures, appliances, furnishings or equipment during the term of Tenant’s Lease Contract, excepting ordinary wear and tear as stated in “Fixtures, Appliances, Etc.” (R&R, Article II, Section 23).

Submitting the Tenant Move-in Inspection Form below with any pictures of Imperfect Items and/or submitting maintenance requests through your AppFolio Portal for Maintenance Items will help prevent any misunderstandings regarding damages at move out. When processing Tenant’s security deposit at the end of their Lease Contract, Holton Mountain Rentals will compare the HMR Move-Out inspection to the HMR Move-In Inspection and your Tenant Move-In Inspection Form to help determine if there are any damages you should be held responsible for.


  • Imperfect Items: Items in the dwelling unit that have imperfections, but do not need to be fixed. Landlord wants to make sure tenant is not charged for items with imperfections that are present at the start of Tenants Lease Contract. Examples of Imperfect Items: Counter top with several Scratches, Small burn(s) in floor covering, Dent in Refrigerator Door, Etc.…
  • Maintenance Items: Items that need to be fixed or replaced. Do not list Maintenance Items on the form below. Examples of Maintenance Items: Hole in Screen, Broken Blinds, Stopped Up Drains, Etc. Tenant must submit maintenance request through their AppFolio portal.